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Activity In Expressing Myself - creative expression in Reckless Painting

I’ve had a wonderful five weeks of painting lessons, just being creative and arty – a simply delightful activity in expressing myself with tempra colours.

Despite the growing cold weather, and a new country to navigate (I am here as a visitor to this wonderful country of Canada), the warmth of the welcome by Arthur and fellow students has been a complete blessing; plus, I had some serious painting pleasure – oh yes, I’ve had fun!

Jaya's painting at Reckless Painting

I have not painted since I was just a young kid, so a lo-o-o-ng break of decades has passed. I love creating, and, the appeal of the name of ‘Reckless Painting’ brought out the rebel in me (!!). The funny thing was, this was a class that despite its name, simply and beautifully meant I could just ‘be’. I could paint what came out of my head and heart, no matter my mood, and there was no ‘judgement’… simply, acceptance in this creative expression in Reckless Painting.

Each week, being amongst other students of differing ages and from all walks of life, we chatted together sharing (or not!) our current life’s challenges and joys, beginning the lesson with ‘free-thinking’ painting – the first 15 minutes with no boundaries – just playing like kids, dabbling with colour onto cardboard that built each week into a thick medley of creative layering.

The structured side of ‘reckless’ was, gentle but firm guidance… actives that led us to express ourselves however we could, within Arthur’s gainful activities. Often we would start a piece on our own, then rotate around the table, adding our painting energy to each person’s piece. Sometimes we would complete a picture by ourselves. But never were we curbed or told how to express ourselves – just given ideas to follow and dabble with. I loved the lack of ‘rules’, and appreciated the wisdoms of Arthur’s 20 years of experience facilitating this class. When we were given activities that meant having to work on another person’s work, lo and behold, the most wonderful paintings happened – every single time – this always happened!

Every week was different with what we were guided to do. I think my favourite time was, painting left-handed with a blind-fold on – we each painted one picture without a eye covering using our right hand; then, we set out to duplicate it with a partner guiding us, whilst using the opposite hand and a blind fold. The finished paintings were ‘free-er’, and gorgeous… so many wonderful expressions, without our personal criticisms getting in the way. I also loved the final lesson – painting a full-length male/female. In groups, we began one of the two genders; then added to each others paintings…. and… its just amazing what happened: two glorious pictures, each different, bold, gendered, magnificent in simplicity, without pretence – the paintings flowed effortlessly.

Just loved this course of lessons… this was good medicine therapy…. and, I met very good people there as well. Thank you Arthur!

Love & Respect, Jaya Khoobsurat.

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