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At the 1st Reckless Painting Session

Arthur leading Reckless Painting

Right Now I Feel...

That’s the first question I ask the people gathered at a Reckless Painting class to answer – anonymously.

A common response is something like; “shy & inhibited”.

Well, why wouldn’t they! Most of these people have not been in an ‘art’ class for decades! And here they are in a small room with a few other new and novice artists. How brave of them – and how exciting.white on cardboard.

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like at that point – just before we pick up the brushes and start. I hope that people begin to feel decreasingly inhibited as they see the materials in front of us: cardboard claimed from the backs of stores on Commercial Drive, and white paint. Simply white paint to start.

SARK says, “Painting is putting colo(u)rs from your heart on paper. Painting is playing with colour.”

Yet even with one colour there is playing to be done…

Welcome to the first class of Reckless Painting.

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