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Bring Your Genius Self To Reckless Painting Class

Blurring the crisp edges of your world can help your genius-self achieve greater clarity in work, life and relationships.

two participants at Reckless Painting in blindfolds

Reckless Painting can help by blurring the brain’s expectations through unexpected directions, inspiring u-turns and fun re-adjustments to distract the internal editor.

For generations we’ve been pushing workers to … hide their empathy and their creativity and to pretend that they are fast moving automatons. … [Not only is it] not necessary. …it’s damaging [and it] builds organizations [& job descriptions] that bring no connection and no joy. … The world wants you -needs you- to bring your genius self to work. Seth Godin

Come to Reckless Painting where you can expect;

  • to be at ease with your innovations,

  • to be surprised with what your arms, hands and paintbrushes create,

  • someone else’s paintbrush will land on your painting from time to time,

  • the courage to let go so that you can continue on someone else’s ‘masterpiece’, and

  • to paint-over-the-lines and complete the gaps between paintings.

Relax about not knowing. Your genius-self will know what to do.

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