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Stepping It Up - Teacher's Guide for Active and Safe Routes to School

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...from the archives

A Teacher's Guide (Gr 4-8) developed to support Metrolinx's School Travel Planning program (2011) for Active and Safe Routes to School

"Stepping It UP is a fun, motivational video about walking to school. In it, you will hear from students describing how walking to school gives them exercise and independence while enjoying time with friends. They describe the social interaction opportunities, environmental benefits and observations of nature that do not come as readily when children are sitting in the back seat of a car. Students take the lead within the video with 100% student voice!

This Teacher's Guide will help you extend your students’ learning from the video with five activities linked to the most recent Ontario curriculum guidelines. These activities will help your class investigate local factors that are influencing the walk to your school."

Curriculum plans for:

  • Drama - role playing; Dad, can I walk with my friend?

  • Media Literacy - Walk to School Advertisement

  • Social Studies, History, Geography - Cause & Effect

  • Health and Physical Education - Walking School Groups

  • Language Arts - Walking Haiku

  • Extensions to each of the above

This resource was referenced to in Ontario's 2019 ACTIVE AND SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL Teacher’s Kit.

Stepping it UP Teachers Guide
Download PDF • 744KB

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