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Un-Learning The 'Etiquette' Of Fine Arts

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When people ask me what I liked best about Reckless Painting I don’t know where to begin: the people? the compelling instructor? or the immense fun we had?

All of the above.

And what did we learn, they ask?

To me Reckless Painting was not so much about learning (a specific skill) but un-learning the 'etiquette' of fine arts instilled by our art teachers since kindergarten. That is not a painless process though- feeling embarrassed or silly is a big part of it.

At first you may think ‘Grown men and women don’t paint on tables as if it were canvas’, but if you let go of the should’s and should not’s you will see how much you can enjoy this.

The same happened at our warm-up exercise each week, where we painted over last week’s warm-up exercise (usually someone else’s). Initially reluctant to ‘destroy’ somebody’s artwork, it was probably my favourite exercise. It allowed me to just get started, to paint without asking ‘What should I paint today?’.

So, if you want to learn how to use that fancy fan brush your mother gave you for your birthday, this is not the course for you. Everybody else, give it a try and see what it can do for you. I for my part believe that Reckless Painting took away a lot of anxiety and dampened my perfectionism that so often gets in the way.

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guest blog by Anna, June 2013

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