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Youth Engagement

We offer customized SUPPORT for
- Building a Youth Engagement Program
​- Strengthening Youth Leadership
We deliver customized WORKSHOPS for
- Tools & Strategies for Adult Facilitators
- Youth Leader Kick-off (local & regional)

Youth Engagement Training - Perth, Australia

Wherever you are in your climate action, or health and wellness programs, if your target audience includes children, teenagers or families, then you really can't proceed without direct involvement, advice and implementation from this target audience.

Wherever you are in your program development, our 27+ years of experience is certainly going to be able to help. 

"In my opinion Arthur really led the way, giving us the tools we needed to develop Safe Routes high school programs in North America."
Wendi Kallins, Founder and Task Force Coordinator, Marin County , CA.

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Youth Engagement Training Workshop

Arthur has delivered youth engagement training workshops across Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA - including one en français dans Montréal! - where the feedback confirms that this training is not only immediately useful, but presented in an engaging manner.

youth engagement training workshop in Auckland

The Student Leadership in Active School Travel Training Workshop is specifically focussed on reducing car-trips to school. With attention to the 'why' and 'what' of youth engagement, we quickly advance to the 'how' so that Adult Facilitators & their Supervisors can envision how to plan and deliver a program in their community.

This hands-on workshop covers theory and inter-active simulation of child- and youth-engagement to recruit, train and support student leadership to promote walking, cycling, transit and carpooling to school. Filled with examples from student leadership successes across Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, these strategies and tools will build from participants' existing experience-level to expand their skills and comfort with taking action. 

Who is this for?

Professionals and community practitioners in the fields of active school travel, road safety, health promotion, environmental education, climate action, transportation demand management and community planning. A questionnaire is sent out in advance in order to gauge participants’ existing knowledge and so that content can be directed towards local goals, objectives and case studies.

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