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Youth Engagement Training and Support
for climate action, health and wellness

Students as young as 9 years old can take an active lead in climate action - including reducing car-trips to school. But they can't do it alone. If you're ready to work with student leaders in your community, then we can help you establish, and/or nurture youth leadership in your community. 

Arthur Orsini


Arthur Orsini started developing walk- and bike-to-school programs in Vancouver in 1996. He is passionate about the benefits of involving the target audience in behaviour change strategies - and has collaborated on successful projects with leaders as young as nine-years-old.

Arthur has led youth engagement training and support to colleagues across Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. He lives in Vancouver and has never owned a car.

After several years working as Healthy Transportation Lead with local health care staff (adults), Arthur is back to school to continue with Urbanthinkers.

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