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Community Engagement Training, Resources and Support for climate action, health and wellness

Community engagement leads to results. Any time you need to improve, or change the way things are done, engage your target audience. We can help with Support, Training and Facilitation.

If we have had success with building student leaders with children as young as 9 years old, we can help you work with your community to take action and achieve success that has been endorsed by those who care.

Recent Blog posts

Arthur Orsini


Arthur Orsini started developing walk- and bike-to-school programs in Vancouver in 1996. He is passionate about the benefits of involving the target audience in behaviour change strategies - and has collaborated on successful projects with leaders as young as nine-years-old.

Arthur has led youth engagement training and support to colleagues across Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. He lives in Vancouver and has never owned a car.

After several years working as Healthy Transportation Lead with local health care staff (adults), Arthur is back to school to continue with Urbanthinkers.

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