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Strategic Planning, Board Development and Team Building

Business creativity differs from artistic creativity in its group focus - to meet perceived and as-yet undiscovered needs. For that, Engagement is essential in bringing forth insight and collaboration from all participants.

Long bouts of one-person-speaking do not achieve this.

With experience leading hundreds of sustainability workshops and meetings with teenagers, Arthur Orsini has certainly learned how to fully engage even the most restrained participants. So if you are going to pay your team to gather and meet together, why not engage in an invigorating session that goes beyond large group discussions?

small groups act-out their learnings in an engaging workshop

Positive emotions are conducive to creativity, expansion and looking for and seizing opportunities.*

With over 25 years of community engagement and painting instruction, Arthur's sessions are motivating and energizing. Knowing that we don't all feel at ease speaking in small or large groups, Arthur's facilitation style responds to the needs of a wide variety of learning styles from extravert to introvert. (Don't just sit there.)

If you are going to invest time and wages in bringing people together, it is worth planning an invigorating - and reflective - space for your participants to bring forth their best, most participative selves.

Psychology for a Better World, Dr. Niki Harré

Workshop Time allocation per Group Dynamic.png

Arthur is a seasoned, talented facilitator.

As a board member of a Vancouver based non profit organization, I have had the pleasure of participating in a number of strategic planning sessions where Arthur has artfully held the space for creative, generative, and at times, difficult conversations.

I was really impressed with Arthur's wide array of exercises that guided me and others on the board through a number of conversations.

Matt Strand, former Board Member - HUB Cycling

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