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Services to Support your Community Engagement

It's never wrong to engage your target audience.


With over 30 years experience developing and delivering community engagement programs, we have tools, resources and training guides that can support you move ahead faster to achieve your goals.


We have strong expertise working with children, youth and student leaders in extra-curricular projects and working alongside educators in program development.

Every project we work on builds from experience, while adapting new best practices into a result that is a reflection of the participants, community and goals. So, naturally each and every presentation and resource specifically addresses the local context, character, needs, timeline and target audience.

With a combination of virtual and  face-to-face  services, we can help you build -or strengthen- your community engagement efforts - whomever you’ve got involved.

Child & Youth



Adult Facilitators



Transportation Demand Management

School Travel Plans

Taking a Greater Role in Student Leadership

Making the Case for Youth Engagement

Student Leader Launch Workshop

Hands-On Tools for Student Leadership

Regional Student Leader Workshop

Shadowing at

Youth Workshops


 Student Leadership

How to Build/ 

Strengthen Youth Engagement

Making the Case for Youth Engagement

Support for a Single Event

Support across a Season/School Term

"I was intending to leave early as I’m feeling jaded of ‘training’ sessions without real action, however I chose to stay because it was so interesting, useful & engaging.

Adult Facilitator Training in Youth Engagement workshop participant Joanne Burgess

Sustainable Transport Planner Metro Perth, Australia

Youth Engagement Training - Perth, Australia

"I was inspired through learning styles used. I was easily engaged and learning without being lectured to boredom."

Adult Facilitator Training in Youth Engagement workshop participant, Seattle 

results from youth engagement training workshops
Resource Guides
Child/Teen Resources

Resources for children and teenagers have most often been workbooks that guide young participants in building camaraderie, skills, and action plans. All of which are necessary when a new group of children or teenagers (& adults!) come together to implement a health, wellness or sustainability campaign. 

Each workbook we've developed benefits from the newest best practices and always makes space for the local context of the participants - starting as young as 10yr old.

See sample in a blog posting: High School Student Leader Workbook

Teacher Resources

Our teacher's curriculum guides are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your community. We can adapt the program content to suit whatever grade levels and subjects suit your participating teachers. Your urban, suburban or rural context - and the matching infrastructure around your community will help shape the sustainability, health and wellness focus with appropriate attention to walking, cycling and/or transit.

See sample in a blog posting: Stepping it Up Teacher's Guide

Adult supporters represent a broad range of community partners - including transportation planners, youth workers, health professionals and parent volunteers* - taking on the role of Youth Engagement Facilitators.

This is the role that offers the greatest potential for mentoring youth leaders into success. The first resource created by Arthur Orsini for this audience was the 2002 off ramp program coordinator guidebook ...and we've learned so much since then!

See sample in a blog posting: ...forthcoming...

* often given an honourarium to acknowledge this role requires a regular commitment beyond typical parent volunteer duties

Adult Faciltator Resources
Online Webinars and Training
Teacher Webinars

Teacher training can be offered online to suit the needs of your program goals.

Of course, this audience does not need any background around youth engagement - only some clear communication about how outside resources can fit into the classroom curriculum, or into an out-of-class project for youth leaders who volunteer for the task.

See sample in a blog posting: ...forthcoming...

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