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Arthur Orsini

MA. Env. Ed & Comms


Urbanthinkers was begun by Arthur Orsini in 2007 after over 10 years working on student leadership programs at non-profits and local government agencies.


We are based in Metro Vancouver with colleagues and collaborators all across the English-speaking world. With online and in-person support from us, you can plan, build, grow and strengthen youth engagement in climate action, health and wellness. Whether it's a few calls to get you started or a series of workshops to train your team, our tools, strategies and experiences can help you succeed.

Let's discuss how you can become more successful.

Arthur Orsini. of Urbanthinkers

Carl Larson

Walk+Bike Ambassador, Bicycle Transportation Alliance Portland, OR

When I see Arthur Orsini's name on a conference session schedule, I circle it because I always learn something new. His presentations are not to be missed. If we be- came more familiar with Orsini's theories and methods, every school would be led by a team of empowered and enthusiastic student leaders and our jobs would be much easier.

Dr Paul Tranter

Assoc. Prof. UNSW 
Canberra, Australia

I have been inspired by Arthur Orsini’s innovative work on children and youth transport for several years and I have witnessed his enthusiasm and expertise at transport conferences in Australia.

Robin Black

formerly of Vélo Québec 

What sets Mr. Orsini apart is his clear passion for working with youth. All of his resources and insights are clearly the product of years of hardwork and dedication to encouraging youth not only to be more physically active but also to more actively engaged ... I would without any hesitation encourage groups who’s work with youth touches upon issues of sustainable transport and youth engagement to consider employing Mr. Orsini’s wealth of knowledge to their benefit. It would be money well spent.
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