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Facilitation Support

Arthur is a seasoned, talented facilitator. As a board member of a Vancouver based non profit organization, I have had the pleasure of participating in a number of strategic planning sessions where Arthur has artfully held the space for creative, generative, and at times, difficult conversations. I was really impressed with Arthur's wide array of exercises that guided me and others on the board through a number of conversations.

Matt Strand - former Board Member

Board Development Committee at HUB Cycling

I hired Arthur to partner with me in developing a series of workshops with teenagers. With me in New Zealand, and Arthur in Canada, all of our prepatory work was done via email and Skype. Arthur is amazing - he gave me the confidence I needed to work with youth in a group setting, and he even co-facilitated - me in person, him on Skype! The approach was extremely innovative, and I simply could not have done it without him!

Aimee Ward - Assistant Professor

Kent State University

Within the last two years, we've brought Arthur Orsini in for three strategic planning sessions. Often with only a few short phone calls to determine where we were headed, Arthur put together a series of activities and resources that resulted in creative and useful outcomes. He is prepared, adaptive and always seems to have a fresh activity or approach to rejuvenate our conversations when the group settles into familiar habits. I would recommend Arthur if you want to help your team work together in new and interesting collaborations. I have been pleasantly surprised in how he has led our Board to both deeper insights and consensus

Derik Wenman - former Board President

Board Development Committee at HUB Cycling

Testimonial - Faciltator Support

Resource Development

I had the privilege of working at VGH while Arthur spearheaded the VGH Cycling Centre as Healthy Transportation Lead. Arthur is a genuine advocate for health and sustainability and shows a unique passion that positively influences those around him, including myself.

Arthur’s dedication to cycling inspired me to incorporate cycling into my daily commute—a habit that has flourished since relocating to Amsterdam, where cycling is integral to the city’s culture. I have Arthur to thank for motivating me to adopt a healthier and more environmentally conscious lifestyle, a change that continues to enrich my life.

I appreciate Arthur’s dedication and warmly recommend him as a valued colleague and as a champion for health and sustainability. His efforts have positively affected many, and I’m confident that he will continue to inspire others.

Fraser Johnson - Postdoctoral Research Fellow @ Amsterdam UMC

We appreciated the responsiveness and flexibility of Stantec on the recent project they completed for us: a Teacher's Guide to accompany our video on active school transportation. We requested that this Guide be completed on a very tight timeframe and our Stantec contact, Arthur Orsini, worked with us 100% to deliver a vibrant, peer-reviewed product ahead of schedule.

Jennifer Lay - formerly of Metrolinx, Toronto

Testimonial - Resource Development

Workshop Facilitator 

Arthur is one of those rare inspirational leaders who after watching him work you want to rack his brains for more ideas and methodologies. Arthur was hired to develop a student leadership programme fitting Auckland Transport's Travelwise programme with Secondary schools who are joined up. The depth of knowledge and expertise Arthur has in this area enabled him to not only develop a programme for student groups to follow but also train Auckland Transport staff in facilitation techniques. He brings his passion for sustainable living into his work life and is a true inspiration for others.

Ali Johns - former School Travel Planner

TravelWise Program, Auckland, NZ

When I see Arthur Orsini's name on a conference session schedule, I circle it because I always learn something new. His presentations are not to be missed. If we be- came more familiar with Orsini's theories and methods, every school would be led by a team of empowered and enthusiastic student leaders and our jobs would be much easier

Carl Larson - Walk+Bike Ambassador,

Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Portland, OR

Testimonial - Workshop Facilitator

Youth Engagement

I have been inspired by Arthur Orsini’s innovative work on children and youth transport for several years and I have witnessed his enthusiasm and expertise at transport conferences in Australia.

Dr Paul Tranter - Assoc. Prof. UNSW. Canberra, Australia

Arthurs in depth knowledge around active travel to school and youth engagement capabilities can be just described as enlightening, thoughtful and inspiring! Very glad our ways crossed.

Dr Gregor H Mews - former Active Living Coordinator

National Heart Foundation, Canberra, Australia

Arthur has a wealth of experience engaging youth in travel behaviour change programs. He had developed a large range of useful tools and uses these effectively to get the best results from participants. He relates very well to a large range of people ranging from corporate executives to school students and comes highly recommended.

James Peart - former Program Manager

TravelSmart to School, Perth, Australia

What sets Mr. Orsini apart is his clear passion for working with youth. All of his resources and insights are clearly the product of years of hard work and dedication to encouraging youth not only to be more physically active but also to more actively engaged in making their communities safer and more pleasant for all who adopt active transportation. 
I would without any hesitation encourage groups who’s work with youth touches upon issues of physical activity & sustainable transport, youth engagement, school travel planning, and curriculum development to consider employing Mr. Orsini’s wealth of knowledge to their benefit. It would be money well spent.

Robin Black - formerly of Vélo Québec

Testimonial - Youth Engagemen
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