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If You Can Walk…

If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.* If you can hold a brush, you can apply paint to the sheet.

What an interesting saying.

I’ve always believed that it’s addressing the unspoken ‘well’ usually accompanying people’s guarded responses to creative pursuits; i.e. I can’t dance …well. I can’t sing …on key. I can’t paint …beautifully.

It is a very constraining mindset.

Really, what does it matter if a person can’t dance well: why should that stop them? And aside from their own joy and physical activity, isn’t it fun for others to watch/laugh at?

Even though some people might cringe when they hear the voice of someone who does not sing ‘well‘, the process -and results- of painting can be far less invasive on others.

If you give yourself the chance to paint, then you can paint.

Reckless Painting gives non-painters and artists a chance to apply inexpensive paint to inexpensive paper without anxiety of ‘getting it right’. The intent is to paint and enjoy the creative process – not anticipate where-in-your-home you will hang the finished product.

When we quieten the editor, we slow the thinking process. …and then anyone can paint.

It has happened many times before. It will happen again.


*Zimbabwean saying

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