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none of this will count for your final mark

Welcome to Reckless Painting

a participant participating in blindfolded painting
  • if you don’t already, please refer to yourself as an ‘artist’

  • “Everybody is talented, original and has something important to say.” Brenda Ueland 1938

  • as often as possible, try not to think about painting while painting

  • seek honesty, but feel no need to explain (except to yourself)

  • be gentle with the brushes

  • none of this will count for your final mark

  • heed your first reaction

  • ‘suitable for framing’ can be intimidating

  • when painting ignore adversity: disliking work in progress can be an important step

  • criticism – be it constructive, helpful or well-meant – is not always helpful

  • ‘untitled’ only works once

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