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We Paint On Each Other’s Work at Reckless Painting

blindfolded people at Reckless Painting

People aren’t all that sure what they can expect at a Reckless Painting class – and actually, that’s not a bad thing.

Although a lot of what goes on is designed to distract the mind from ‘general predictability’, one thing participants can be relatively sure of is that they’ll be hanging very few of their paintings on the wall back home

…and not because their paintings won’t be beautiful – but more often than not each piece completed during a session will have been created by more than one person.

In other words, we paint on each other’s work.

After all, it is the process that is more important than the result in Reckless Painting. And each person’s growing ability to recognize their (often latent) creativity, adaptivity and responsiveness.

Inviting people to ‘share a canvas’ is very often a helpful step in that direction.

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